Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Of radishes and kings

Good grief...I blinked and Spring had turned into Summer. We seem to have a glut of 'cut and come again' salad leaves and the radishes have grown to extraordinary proportions. I'm not complaining (natch), but there's a mass of jobs to do now that the warmer weather's arrived. Net your fruit bushes at the first sign of ripening, remove unwanted shoots from raspberries, put straw round strawberries and de-slug, de-slug, deslug as often as possible. Sweet corn, runner beans and French beans sown in pots in early May will be ready to plant out in June. Sow cucumber, marrow and melon seeds as well as rows of lettuce seeds in fortnightly intervals to keep your table well stocked with salad leaves over Summer.
Now sit back, chill and gird your loins for the next onslaught of slugs!

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