Thursday, 13 March 2014

Fruit of the loom!

It certainly feels like spring really has arrived...I spent the morning in the garden playing on a peg loom from Mother Goose. I had just found a bagful of wools (some carpet grade) in Emmaus and decided to make a bolster or rug ... can't decide which yet. I'd never used a loom like this before but Steffi's instructions were easy to follow and it just took a little bravery the first time I removed the pegs and pushed down the work. After that it was easy-peasy. For ease and speed of weaving I've used a 'Heath Robinson' contraption made from a plastic bic biro case!
  These looms are made by local people at the Nailsworth Community Workshop (Tel 07971 737626)You can achieve amazing results on them using both familiar and unusual materials such as yarns, unspun fleece, rags, even strips of old T shirts and plastic bags - great for recycling. Children and people with learning difficulties find them simple to use and very therapeutic - as did I!
  If you want to weave with finer yarn Cornhill Pets and Country Crafts in Stroud have some double peg looms with both wooden and thin plastic pegs which are spaced much closer together.

By the way, Julie Wickham from the Stroud Valleys Project (Tel 01453 753358) is looking for crafty people to make goods to be sold not-for-profit for their charity. If you have any ideas for knitted, crochetted, knotted, embroidered, appliqued or woven handicrafts do let her know. Come on folks - support your local community and get weaving!

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